Fron Quarry


Location : 

From Vivian Dive Centre continue on A4086 towards Caernarfon. Pass through Llanrug and just before you get to a stone bridge turn left(Pontrug). Follow this road until it reaches the A4085, go straight over and you will then reach another traffic island on the A487. Turn left and in approx 1/2 mile turn left again sign posted Fron (3 miles).

Follow this road , care speed lumps, until you get to Fron. Once in Fron look out on your left side for a track that leads up towards the slate piles. If you get to a T junction you have gone too far and its is approx 50 yards back on the left. There is a long rough track that leads upto the quarry. Care 2 wheel drive cars may struggle in wet conditions. You will then see the track disappear over a small hill on the otherside is a suitable place to park your cars but beware, car will need good ground clearance to make it over the hill.

Altitude: This is an altitude dive

Water Temp: 4-18 degrees

Visibility: 1-10m ( best vis normally in the Winter / early Spring

Gas: Not available onsite - bring what you need with you.(Closest site to obtain refills would Vivian Dive Centre).

Required Experience: Min qualification Club Diver not a site for a novice..

Amenities: Nothing at the site other than car parking but not huge area.

Site Safety: This site is a high level risk area. Located in a remote area you are open to the elements. Emergency services can only get to you via the access road from the road, not much chance of getting the air ambulance in either to the quarry area but ample room by the car park..

Be aware Definitely bring an O2 kit with you and good surface cover is a must. Mobile phone reception is poor.

Wildlife: Sheep


  • 40m maximum depth (dependant on how full the quarry is).
  • Buoyed (Blue Buoy) hut at 22m with for sale sign.
  • Flight of steps leading down from 25m to the quarry floor.
  • Collection of old cars and debris.

Site Access: From main road up a partially gravelled & muddy track.

NB - the track to the site from the road is a not gravelled one but only suitable for cars with good ground clearance and the track does get muddy when it has been raining.

Site Description: 

Fron is a small quarry a few miles south of Vivian Dive Centre.

While not an official dive site, the quarry is used by police and army divers for training purposes and its depth (40m) makes it a great site for deeper diving. Getting into the water is not easy and either involves a 45 degree scramble down a scree-slope or for the shore footed a descent down the slate but it's worth the effort as visibility can be good, even at 30m+. Fron's depth and poor access unfortunately make it unsuitable for training dives, but for anyone qualified it makes a refreshing change from the normal inland sites!


  • Entry: Free (Please be careful with fence as it is there to stop the sheep falling into the quarry).
  • Air-Fills: £3 for 15l, £2.50 for 12l (from Vivian Dive Centre ).
  • Difficult descent to dive entry point
  • Viz can be aweful.